An Eco/Agri/Wellness Neighborhood

Belle Farm is a new kind of residential community in Middleton, Wisconsin focused on physical and mental wellbeing and a deep respect for the earth. 

Preserving 50% open space and overlooking Graber Pond, the neighborhood was designed to allow residents to connect with nature and neighbors, to live and to thrive, and to feel delight around every corner.

Belle Farm will include a wide mix of housing types, health and wellness amenities, neighborhood focused businesses and stunning architecture. Thoughtful land use, including compact development and a walkable community will create ample opportunities for time outside, physical activity and a sense of peace.

Turnkey net zero homes built with geothermal, solar, and high-performance construction methods will help us tread lighter and become more self-sufficient, more resilient.

If you ever wondered if things could be different, the answer is yes

Belle Farm was founded on the idea that there is a better way. That the places we live can and should inspire us, connect us, help us be healthier in mind and body, and reduce our environmental impact. They should instill a sense of place, a sense of home…things that are missing from so much of the world now.

Guiding Principles

During each step of designing this beautiful community, the following principles guided our decisions…

Wellness · Sustainability · Time Outside · Camaraderie · Presence · Respite · And So Much Joy

If this speaks to you, consider making Belle Farm your future home.

Belle Farm Neighborhood Map
Belle Farm Chicago Row House
Chicago Row House #3 at Belle Farm