Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Belle Farm?

Belle Farm is located on Parmenter Street in lovely Middleton, WI. The 44 acre neighborhood nestles Graber Pond, preserves 50% open space and is 5 minutes from downtown Middleton.


Belle Farm is 20 minutes from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin State Capitol. See map.

What is the timeline? When can I start building?

We are now accepting Offers to Purchase on Phase 1 lots with closings scheduled for summer 2024. Our builder, Brio Design Homes, is now scheduling summer/fall 2024 construction starts and is estimating an 8 month build time.


Phase 1 infrastructure is estimated to be complete summer of 2024—at which point buyers will be able to close on their lots and pull building permits. 


Contact us to reserve your lot and a spot on the summer/fall 2024 building schedule.

What are the lot prices? How much does it cost to build a home?

Lot prices currently range from $200k – $370k. Request a price list.


Lot buyers must commence home construction within 9 months of closing.


For Phase 1, we estimate that ‘all in’ single family home prices for net zero homes will range from $625,000 – $1,700,000 — depending on home size and buyer choices. ‘All in’ means lot price plus home construction price. Price includes geothermal, solar, and high performance construction methods and materials. Most Belle Farm Phase 1 lots and home designs also include the option for an Accessory Dwelling Unit which would allow dedicated and separate living quarters for extended family, guests or work from home scenarios.


Coming in 2025, we hope to offer condominiums starting at $375,000.

How can I determine how much my specific home will cost?

For the predesigned homes/lots, we will soon be notating the estimated ‘all-in’ price range that will give you a general idea of the total cost for the lot plus the construction. Once you identify the home/lot that you want, our builder will work with you to determine the cost of constructing your specific home based on the lot, home size, and your material selections.


Each home type has a limited number of lots available. To secure or hold the lot you want, you can submit an offer to purchase on the lot and take 30 days (for predesigned homes) or 60 days (for custom homes) to ensure the design and related costs work for you. See our process.

What do the homes look like? How can I get the floor plan?

Our Custom Lots (Lots 36 – 43) allow you to bring your own design and builder as long as you work within our Design Guidelines.


For our Predesigned Lots (Lots 4-22, 24-35, 44-51 which include Chicago Row Houses (3), Cottages (5), Nest Homes (12), London Mews (8), Shotguns (11), we have many of the designs available, with more coming soon. Contact us for specific floor plans and descriptions of each housing type.  See more details related to our process

How do I secure the lot I want?

We have a limited number of each lot type/home type. If there is a lot you love, you can secure it with an Offer to Purchase, but closings will not take place until completion of infrastructure construction (estimated summer of 2024). Your Offer to Purchase will contain contingencies that will allow you time to work through the design process and construction cost estimates to ensure the lot is the right fit for you. We are now accepting Offers to Purchase. Contact us.

What is an ADU? And does my lot allow for one?

One of the joys of Belle Farm is that Single Family lots were zoned to allow for an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit, sometimes called a granny flat or an apartment over a garage). All single family lots/home types in Phase 1, except Shotgun Homes, will allow the owner to design and construct an optional ADU. On most lots, this will take the form of an apartment space over the garage. These units provide opportunities for work from home scenarios, guest rooms or a separate living space for family or friends.

What are the setbacks of each lot?

Lot Condition Reports for each lot are now available (including setbacks, elevations, etc). Contact Us.

What is Belle Farm’s school district?

Belle Farm is in the Middleton-Cross Plains school district.
High School: Middleton
Middle School: Kromrey
Elementary School: Northside

Are there amenities planned for Phase 1?

Phase 1 planned amenities are: yoga studio, gym, fitness studio, lap pool, cabana, sauna, courtyard, lounge, library work space, meditation room and restaurant (these are designed to reside in a future building called The Rose) and a coffee shop (in a future building called Bluebird).


Although designed with immense care and planned for Phase 1, the timing of the above amenities depends on when The Rose and Bluebird are developed.

Can I review the Covenants?

See our Declaration of Covenants for Belle Farm. The covenants will be recorded prior to the start of public infrastructure construction.

Can I see the Final Plat?

See our Final Plat for Belle Farm. The Final Plat will be recorded prior to the start of public infrastructure construction.

Who is your builder?

Our builder is Brio Design Homes. Buyers who want to use their own builder should contact us.

What are your design and sustainability guidelines?

Is there an HOA? What are the fees?

There is a Homeowner’s Association. There is an initial HOA lot ownership transfer fee of $1,500 to be paid by the buyer at close. HOA fees will be approximately $250/month.


The ownership transfer fee applies to initial buyer and any subsequent buyer. This fee is subject to change by vote of the HOA members.


See a draft of the Belle Farm HOA Bylaws.


HOA Rules document coming soon.

How does yard maintenance work?

Per the Design Guidelines, front and side yards must be planted with deep-rooted native plants and flowers versus traditional grass lawns. Our approved plant lists are currently being designed and will be available in June 2024. Yards will be maintained by the HOA.

How will private streets/alleys be maintained?

Private streets/alleys (in Phase 1 this means Another Way, California Love Trail and Morning Poem Place) will be maintained by the HOA and included in the HOA budget.


For snow removal, HOA’s snow removal contractor will clear private streets/alleys/sidewalks and personal driveways and walkways.

Belle Farm Drone Shot
Chicago Row House #2 at Belle Farm
Chicago Row House #2 at Belle Farm

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